Dr. Bill Conerly connects the dots between the economy and business, helping business leaders develop strategies and plans that are resilient in an uncertain economy.

Spanish language readers can learn about my Death of Strategic Planning articles. (1/19/2017)

Businomics Newsletter for January 2017 is out. (1/06/2016)

The job market was the topic of my quotes in Inside Sources. (1/6/2017)

Still relevant is my Forbes.com post Death of Strategic Planning.

Italians saw Panorama quote me about Trump and the economy: Perché la presidenza Trump potrebbe rallentare l’economia USA. (11/15/2016) as well as the stock market website Trader Link: Stockman: non fidatevi di Trump, meglio vendere.

New Speech Topic: Prepare for Perpetual Change: Capture Opportunities and Avoid Risk in an Uncertain World includes lessons from my new book.


I have compiled in one place the five videos on Business Planning in an Uncertain Economy. (1/22/2013)


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