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Accounting Conversations in the Economic Recovery. Many accountants would like to do more to help their clients succeed, but they have trouble starting the conversation. Here are some ideas about using economic news to help get the discussion going.

Using Economics to Start an Accounting Conversation. Accountants can provide additional services to their clients. CPAs are well positioned to advise businesses about economic contingency plans, once they start the right conversation.

“The Importance of Feedback” (pdf file, 12K), was published in the December 2001 issue of Ideas on Liberty (published by the Foundation for Economic Education).

Is Your Incentive System Working for You? A short article.

“E-Com Econ: The Economics of Electronic Commerce” (pdf, 100K) published by the investment firm Pacific Crest Securities.

Business Credit: 4 Strategies for Corporations and Small Business

Uncertainty and Risk Management: What to Do About Black Swans?

Businesses Lose Money From Bad Accounting

The Badminton Effect and Your Company’s Incentive System

Price Changes and Strategic Planning

Financial Stress: What Businesses Need to Know

A Chaos Monkey for Your Supply Chain

Pricing Technology Breakthroughs: The Glock Lesson


“Why I’m Not Gloomy About Our Economic Future” was published by Cascade Policy Institute (March 31, 2009).

The capital gains tax in Oregon was the subject of Bill’s report, “Generating Jobs and Income Through a Capital Gains Tax Reduction,” published by the AOI Foundation.

“A College Fund on the Social Security Model”, The Freeman, August 1999.

“The Unseen Costs of Ribbon-Cutting: Losses from Economic Development Programs,” Fiscal Insight, Cascade Policy Institute, February 1995.

“Business Taxation: A Loose Cannon on a Dark Night,” Fiscal Insight, Cascade Policy Institute, October 1992.

“Sailing the Competitive Seas,” The Freeman, January 1989.


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