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Real Estate
Wholesale Trade
Wood Products
Small Business
Other Industries

Banking/Finance: Dr. Conerly was a member of ALCO, Credit Policy Committee and chaired the Strategic Planning committee while a senior vice president at First Interstate. He has helped financial institutions develop strategic plans and business models as well as evaluated market potential. Consulting clients include Bank of the Cascades, O Bee Credit Union and Vencore Capital.

Dr. Conerly has spoken to state banking associations across the country, credit union associations,  as well as national trade associations and companies in financial services. Many banks invite him to address their clients, management teams and boards of directors. Speech clients include Banner Bank, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, and Washington Federal.

“Every time you spoke, we got business.” Chris Rasmussen, Washington Trust Bank, Bank of the Northwest

“On multiple occasions we have engaged Dr Conerly to facilitate, and more importantly, stimulate, strategic planning sessions. He artfully brings the complexity of economic consequences to light, and is also is a veteran voice of objectivity. And his ability to inject humor keeps the energy and teamwork a priority!” Greg Newton, CFO, Cascade Bancorp

Manufacturing: Manufacturing companies have relied on Dr. Conerly for strategic planning and specialized business issues. Decisions impacted capital spending, inventory levels, staffing and financial structure. Past clients include Columbia Forest Products, O.B. Williams Company and Vermeer Corporation.

Manufacturing trade associations invite him to speak for key insights presented in an entertaining style. Clients include the National Fluid Power Association, the Composite Panel Association and the Book Manufacturers Institute. Management teams and boards of directors invite him to speak because he addresses what the economic outlook means for the key decisions they are making.

“Bill assisted O.B. Williams Company with developing a strong business plan that we implemented 18 months ago. As a result and together with Bill, we are improving our position within our highly competitive market segment.” David Wick, CEO, O.B. Williams Company (wood products)

“Dr. Conerly’s presentation and view of the economic conditions impacting the world of business is insightful and thought-provoking.  His analysis  and presentation style is audience focused and engaging, leading to the efficient development of follow-up activities by those in attendance.” Paul Ulrich, The Inteplast Group (plastic bags)

Real Estate: Real estate investors, developers, managers and financiers turn to Dr. Conerly  to identify cycles in real estate markets. He typically works at the national or metropolitan area level detail. (He is not the person to pick the best intersection for your next branch.) He has also integrated real estate issues into challenges facing companies looking at which markets to expand into. Past clients include Goodman Real Estate, Coastal Community Bank and Cascade Bancorp.

Dr. Conerly has spoken to a variety of real estate trade associations, including NAIOP, BOMA, CREW, Mortgage Bankers and Realtors. He brings his well-known sense of humor along with an in-depth knowledge of economics and financial markets to help real estate professionals understand opportunities and risks in their business.

“Bill’s presentation was neatly balanced…rich with content.. and our audience really enjoyed his humor.” Bing Sheldon, SERA Architects

“Bill did a great job! There were many in the audience who liked him and many in the audience who loved him! Bill shared pertinent and timely information with our audience of commercial real estate professionals and added interesting stories and a funny sense of humor twist.” Jana Knoll, BOMA Boise

Wholesale Trade: Trade associations bring Dr. Conerly to address their meetings because he connects the economic outlook with end user markets served. Clients include the Western Building Materials Association, the International Sealing Distribution Association and the Fluid Power Distributors Association.

Agriculture: Dr. Bill Conerly presents “an outsider’s view of agriculture” to farmers, ag lenders and agri-business executives. He explains the economy’s impact on food demand, as well as how the growing middle class in emerging countries is placing strong demand on grain for feed. Lately he has also discussed the “peak farmland” hypothesis and what that means for investments in agricultural land. Past clients have included AgStar, AgFirst, Iowa Bankers Association, Northwest Farm Credit, Oregon Association of Nurseries and Washington Mint Growers.

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation. Everyone who heard your presentation was impressed with your analysis, and strong command of facts and theory. More importantly, your ability to weave together substance with humor, in a very dynamic way, meant our attendees learned and retained more information than we would have typically expected. You made economics fun and you left our members with powerful insights on trends and issues to consider as they prepare for the future.” John Aguirre, Oregon Association of Nurseries

“AgFirst Farm Credit Bank has benefited from Bill Conerly’s unique insights and perspectives several times over the past five years…his materials consistently cover the points that we agree on…he has been very well-received by our groups, and we look forward to having Bill with us again in the future.” Ronnie Hucks, AgFirst Farm Credit

Energy: Pacific Gas and Electric Company relied on Dr. Conerly’s expertise to stitch together its economics models and the business planning models. That was his first corporate job, followed by NERCO, Inc., a Fortune 500 company in coal, oil and gas, where he integrated economic issues into corporate planning decisions. He has published research in energy industry journals, and his article about future oil prices has 393,000 views.

Dr. Conerly has spoken to several electric generation and distribution associations and discusses key energy issues in other presentations. His articles include commentary on oil and natural gas markets.

“Your talk and its message stuck with people.” David Crowell, after presentation to National Rural Electrical Cooperative Association

Telecom: Telecom trade associations have asked for Dr. Conerly’s expertise on both the short-run economics outlook and long-term issues critical to their planning. He has spoken to telecom associations in the Pacific Northwest, the Carolinas and Texas.

“As you know, it can be difficult to find economists who provide good substantive information who are so entertaining and engaging.  I received many enthusiastic comments from members and others in attendance.  I was very pleased with Dr. Conerly and have recommended him to NCSTAE, our national organization. ” Molly Steckel, Idaho Telecom Alliance

Trucking: Trucking company executives turn to Dr. Conerly to the outlook for sales, fuels costs and labor availability, all with his well-known sense of humor. He has spoken to Oregon Trucking Association, Washington Trucking Association and Great West Casualty.

“Your presentation was right on the mark.  I received more positive comments about you than any other presenter.  We would not hesitate to recommend you to others or have you back for an encore performance.” Bob Russell, Oregon Trucking Association

Wood Products: Wood products companies have asked Dr. Conerly for help on markets and business strategy. As a banker he advised lenders on risk and business cycles in forestry. His clients include Columbia Forest Products, Timber Products and Roseburg Forest Products.

Dr. Conerly has spoken to several trade associations in wood products, including the Western Wood Products Association, the World Forestry Institute and the American Forest Resources Council.

“You made a complicated global picture understandable. I have received many favorable comments from those in attendance. I frequently heard comments like ‘Now I understand’ or ‘Wow, now I get it’ and ‘He was great to listen to. Thanks for bringing Bill to our meeting’.” Pete Van Sickle, Idaho Department of Lands

Small Business: Dr. Bill Conerly runs a small business himself and understands the challenges that small business owners face. He uses the economic discussion to help owners get their to-do lists prioritized with action items that will have the greatest impact on cash flow. Dr. Conerly has spoken to many chambers of commerce, economic development organizations and bank client groups.

“Dr. Bill Conerly opened our Ace Hardware Platinum Retailer Conference by helping our independent small business owners understand the current state of the economy in a straight forward  and humorous manner that connected very well with the retailers I spoke with.   Dr. Conerly provided information our retailers can use to lead their businesses. He connected with the audience and made a complicated topic understandable.” Mike Berschauer, Ace Hardware Corp

Other Industries: Dr. Bill Conerly quickly dials in the challenges faced by any industry. He begins by understanding who uses that industry’s goods or services, and how the economy impacts those users. He next determines the resources that the industry uses: labor, raw materials, equipment, credit, whatever is important to the industry. With that background, he gets on the phone with industry leaders to learn the challenges they are facing and the opportunities they see. Finally, he combines this industry knowledge with his economic forecast, as well as best practices from other industries for meeting the challenges and opportunities of this industry. This “outsider’s perspective” on the industry invariably hits the mark with insights that audience members can use immediately in managing their businesses.

“Seems no matter where I go, I hear you talking – and always doing a great job with different material well tailored to the audience. Very impressive!” Alan Shiffer, World Vision


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