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The Flexible Stance review excerpt:

“I like the way he combines big picture thinking with specific applications. I particularly appreciated the chapter, “Faster is Safer,” and am inspired to review my own processes to see what can be sped up.”

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Selected Articles from Forbes.com

How Warren Buffett Makes The Economy Better Off—And Average People Too

Interest Rate Forecast 2017-2018

Business Strategy Can Protect Against Trump’s Stepped Up Immigration Enforcement

Dodd-Frank Reform Won’t Help Businesses Get Bank Loans


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What’s New, January 2017

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The Flexible Stance review excerpt:
“Solid, sensible and easy to read advice from a knowledgeable and accomplished author.”
Read all the reviews or add your own on Amazon.com.
What State Government Can Do About Economic Uncertainty: my testimony at the Oregon Legislature.
Selected Articles from Forbes.com
The Fed Will Not Carry Through On 2017 Interest Rate Hikes
Forecast Review 2016: Good Business Advice
Two articles on High Frequency Trading: Trust Markets, Not Regulators and Crying With A Ham On Your Shoulder.

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