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The Flexible Stance review excerpt:

“All business leaders will benefit by reading this book to be in a better position to anticipate changes that affect sales.”

Read all the reviews or add your own on Amazon.com.

Selected Articles from Forbes.com

Imports Permeate The U.S. Manufacturing Sector

Set Goals Before You Develop Recession Contingency Plan

Trump Is At The Helm But Does Not Control The Course Of The Economy

Our Low Productivity Comes From The Choices A Wealthy People Make

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What’s New, January 2017

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The Flexible Stance review excerpt:
“Solid, sensible and easy to read advice from a knowledgeable and accomplished author.”
Read all the reviews or add your own on Amazon.com.
What State Government Can Do About Economic Uncertainty: my testimony at the Oregon Legislature.
Selected Articles from Forbes.com
The Fed Will Not Carry Through On 2017 Interest Rate Hikes
Forecast Review 2016: Good Business Advice
Two articles on High Frequency Trading: Trust Markets, Not Regulators and Crying With A Ham On Your Shoulder.

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