Challenge: You want to stay at the top of your client’s mind, but you don’t want to pester the client or waste the client’s time.

Solution: Provide value to your client, with a reminder that it’s from you. The Conerly on the Economy Newsletter can be used in three different ways to achieve your goals.

Free: Send your clients an email saying that they might be interested in signing up for this great, free newsletter.  Send them a link to the most recent newsletter, which has a link for them to sign up:

$500/year: Receive from us a pdf file of the newsletter via email each month, with a license for you to re-send the charts to your clients, incorporate into your own newsletter, etc.

$1000 + $1 per subscriber/year: We do all the work for you, and include your name at the top of the email:

The Conerly on the Economy Newsletter, Sponsored by John Doe, your full service insurance agent.

As part of this package, we can upload your email list to our service.  (We won’t use the list for any other purpose.)  We’ll send people on your list a confirmation that they would like to receive the email.  We can also provide a link for you to use in signing up new recipients.  You can add the link to your web site or include it in an email.  We will also handle additions, deletions and changes manually.

$5,000 and up: We can customize the content to emphasize your particular geographic area or industry. Actual fee will be negotiated in advance based on your specific content needs.

Contact: Bill Conerly to learn more. 503-785-3485 or

Copyright: Please remember that the newsletter is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission.  We grant permission for internal distribution within the company of a recipient, and we grant permission for one-time duplication to other people.  Regular distribution outside your company requires a license agreement from us.  You are always free to pass out the link to our website newsletter page, so that others may sign up for free.

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