Why Work With Bill?

Bill Conerly helps companies grow their profits across the business cycle by applying his training as an economist to real-world business challenges.

He begins a consulting assignment trying to learn more: about the company, about its markets, and about the resources it uses. He does not come in with a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather finds the methodology that will most benefit the client.

Do you have these issues?

  • We don’t know if it’s the economy or us
  • We need to update our strategic plan
  • We’re not sure if we have the right products for this market
  • Things are changing so fast
  • It’s hard to plan because we don’t know where the economy is going

Bill's Tool Kit

  • Forecasting models
  • Interpreting current economic conditions
  • Evaluation of company sales results
  • Financial analysis
  • Analysis of feedback systems
  • Analysis of cost structure
  • Industry analysis

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