Conerly Assessment of Performance Opportunity (TM)

What should the CEO and management team be focused on? Most people tend to do the things they like, which are not always the things that will help the business the most. The Conerly Assessment of Performance Opportunity (TM) helps C-level executives identify the areas with the most potential for profit improvement. It is aimed at companies with roughly $10 million to $250 million in sales.

The results look like this spider chart. Scores on the outer perimeter are good, while those close to the center are low.

Areas Covered:


Does the company assess major changes in customers, inputs, technology, and the external environment?


Does the company develop plans for finances, operations, quality, and risks?


Does the company monitor its performance and take action as indicated by deviations from its plan?


Does the company take uncertainty into account in strategic and operational planning?


Does the company use the best practices to ensure appropriate activity and effectiveness?


Does the company know its numbers and use them to increase efficiency?


Does information technology provide strong support to all areas of the company?


Does the company have adequate capital for its needs and its risks?
The process for developing this requires about two hours from the CEO or other senior executives. First, he or she fills out a 70-item questionnaire and sends it to Bill Conerly. He analyzes the results, creating the spider chart, and then he and you have a 90-minute discussion.
Conerly first probes to see if the assessment accurately reflects what is really happening. Then he discuss some of the answers to specific questions to identify impediments to improvement. The result will be a clear guide for the executive on areas that need more attention.
This product is currently in a beta-test. There is no charge to companies if the executive will provide feedback about the value of the assessment. Contact Bill Conerly today to get started!